Protect St. Pete Beach Advocacy Group

Update on $6 Million Shortfall and Sudden Departure of Former City Manager Alex Rey

Writ Filed Against TradeWinds CUP Approval

Miramar Resort and Postcard Inn 
Submit Plans to Expand

Expert Traffic Engineer Documents Flaws in TradeWinds Traffic Study

Sirata CUP Approval Faces Challenge in Pinellas County Circuit Court

St. Pete Beach Mayor Adrian Petrila's remarks during the Sirata CUP hearing deliberation

What Residents Want
in Redevelopment Projects

Our Mission

The organization was formed by St. Pete Beach residents who are concerned about overdevelopment and the negative impacts of increasing development density above sustainable levels: traffic, impact on beaches and environment, and quality of resident lives.

We want to ensure development projects on St Pete Beach’s infrastructure are improvements that beautify our community for the mutual benefit of residents and visitors alike, without increasing traffic, congestion, demands on infrastructure, or threatening wildlife and natural resources.


our environment


our beaches


traffic and density


high-quality development that improves our community

Sea turtle Nest signage near white sand