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Café Soleil to be Evicted from Dolphin Village

UPDATED September 22, 2023: 
More details reported on Cafe Soleil's need to leave Dolphin Village.

Some of us remember the controversy over Starbucks first coming to the Dolphin Village shopping center. Now, the owner of Dolphin Village, Brixmor Property Group, is evicting a local business at the alleged demand of Starbucks.

Café Soleil is a treasured bakery and cafe. Many of us know Lauren. For ten years, she has invested her heart and soul into our community by bringing her French cuisine, baked goods and coffee to our island. Her love for the community extends to others as showcased in her support of food drives and community events. She chose St. Pete Beach specifically for the small town charm and culture that allowed local family-owned businesses to compete successfully against corporate chains.

Despite her success in serving her customers and handling numerous rent increases over the past decade, Café Soleil is now facing eviction by Brixmor Property Group at the end of September. Why would Brixmor want to evict a long-time tenant running a popular business and replace with a Jersey Mike's?

Who is Brixmor Property Group? According to their Web site, they are a New York-based landlord that claims to care about local businesses and the communities they serve:

From the Brixmor corporate website -- perhaps they do not discriminate against all independent businesses, just a select few?

Unfortunately, their behavior directly contradicts their corporate marketing.

We are asking St. Pete Beach residents to tell the Brixmor bullies that enough is enough. Café Soleil is one of the last remaining local businesses in Dolphin Village. Refusing to renew Café Soleil's lease unless they agree to stop serving coffee and pastries is a coercive and nasty tactic to force another local business out of business... for the benefit of corporations that have no ties to our community.

What can we do?

  • Spread the word -- it could mean no shopping at corporate chains in Dolphin Village, unfortunately including our local Publix supermarket.

  • Support local, family-owned businesses. Now more than ever, they need your support.

  • Ask Brixmor why they would bully a local business when there is plenty of open space for a Jersey Mike's in Dolphin Village:

    Orlando Leasing Office
    9101 International Drive
    Suite 1152
    Orlando, FL 32819

    Southern Regional Office
  • 1003 Holcomb Woods Pkwy
    Roswell, GA 30076

    Corporate Headquarters
    450 Lexington Ave
    Floor 13
    New York, NY 10017


    Ginette Long - 407.903.2917- [email protected]

    Donna Kendall - 863.528.0753 - [email protected]

  • Let Brixmor know how you feel on social media: Facebook / LinkedIn / Instagram

  • Ask Starbucks for a clear, official response on these coercive tactics.

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