Charles Gauthier, FAICP, Publishes Analysis of Sirata CUP Application

December 19, 2023 by
Charles Gauthier, FAICP, Publishes Analysis of Sirata CUP Application
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February 19, 2024

Charles Gauthier, FAICP, a Florida land use planner with over 45 years of experience, has submitted a detailed technical review and comment of the Sirata Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Application to the city in preparation for the Special Meeting on Wednesday, February 21st.

His analysis, completed at the request of Protect St. Pete Beach Advocacy Group, clearly outlines the Goals, Policies, and Objectives of the St. Pete Beach Comprehensive Plan. Furthermore, he explains how the CUP application as submitted fails to meet those requirements. 

In his letter he concludes:


The City of St. Pete Beach’s goal of redeveloping its Large Resort Future Land Use District does not necessitate the maximization of development as proposed here. The Sirata proposal clashes with community character and would result in adverse impacts on adjacent and nearby residential uses. Additionally, maximum redevelopment is inappropriate in an area vulnerable to destruction by the forces of nature.

Charles Gauthier, FAICP

We encourage all residents to read Mr. Gauthier's complete analysis, available for download by clicking the icon below:

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