Local Media Highlights Expansion Costs to Residents

Tampa Bay 10 filed two articles this week highlighting growth challenges occurring in our community.  First, an important update on necessary updates to our sanitary sewer system, expected to cost around $16 million over the next five years:

As St. Pete Beach expands hotel development, 2 major sewer projects remain 


As noted by Public Works Director Mike Clark, "As we take a look at the growth of St. Pete Beach, what we did over the last five years is we sized our system's capacity throughout the lift and pump stations and our pipes to be able to handle the density of St. Pete Beach fully built out."

While many would argue that St. Pete Beach is already fully "built out", the reality is that further density is coming from large resort expansion and tourism. 

Mr. Clark's comments are a powerful reminder that St. Pete Beach residents -- who pay 80% of the property taxes -- subsidize infrastructure requirements for hotels and tourists, not the other way around.

Next, an update on the controversial CUP approvals for Sirata and TradeWinds, and our legal challenge:

St. Pete Beach hotel development met with community controversy


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