PSTA Backs Out of SunRunner Fare Pilot

August 18, 2023 by
PSTA Backs Out of SunRunner Fare Pilot
Protect St. Pete Beach

One week ago, PSTA CEO Brad Miller informed the PSTA Board of Directors that he had reached an agreement with Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri to begin charging a small fare effective Monday, August 21 for westbound (beach-bound) passengers beginning at 32nd Street. This news was greeted with cautious optimism by St. Pete Beach residents who have personally seen and experienced significant increases in crime since the introduction of this "free" bus service.

Specifically, in the first seven months of 2023, crime in St. Pete Beach is up 26% over the prior year, before the SunRunner began service. In comparison, our neighbor Treasure Island, which has no SunRunner bus stops, is up 3%.

Unfortunately, Mr. Miller undermined this reasonable step forwards at Wednesday's Planning Committee meeting. He testified to his Planning Committee that "crime has not increased on St. Pete Beach from last year to this year during the period the SunRunner has operated".

Following his comments and discussion, the Planning Committee voted to not implement the fare on Monday as scheduled, and for the fare discussion to be continued at the next Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday.

We encourage concerned residents and business owners to attend the upcoming PSTA Board of Directors Meeting this Wednesday, 8/23 and make your voice heard.

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