SPB Residents Call for Investigation into Possible Misappropriation of Road Project Funds

Some neighbors in St. Pete Beach are calling for an investigation after learning a multi-million dollar project ran out of money. Now they want to know how it all got spent.

The information came to light during a budget meeting, after a city employee revealed the money may have been misspent.

Concerned neighbors said they were alarmed by the revelations.

"Where did that money go?" said B. J. Lawson, just one of many neighbors asking that question. "We cannot be wasting money or even worse: losing it to fraud or shenanigans."

The project is moving existing overhead electrical and communication lines underground along Gulf Boulevard. It was paid for with money from Pinellas County’s "Pennies for Pinellas."

It’s being done in three phases. During a city budget hearing, the community learned there isn’t enough money for phase 3 and it could cost taxpayers another $6 million to finish.

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Watch the video from the Budget Workshop below:

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