Petition against overdevelopment in St. Pete Beach

We Can't Survive 75!

I am concerned about overdevelopment in St. Pete Beach. 

Today, St. Pete Beach's large resorts average 39 rooms per acre. 

Two of our largest resorts, Sirata and TradeWinds, now want permission from our City Commission to significantly increase their density: Sirata is requesting 75 rooms per acre, TradeWinds is requesting 63 rooms per acre. These levels are incompatible with our community's character, infrastructure, natural resources, traffic, and emergency services.

In recognition of these concerns, I petition the City Commission of St. Pete Beach to:

1) Vote against any Conditional Use Permits in the Large Resort District that increase property rooms above current levels; and

2) Revise the Comprehensive Plan to make St. Pete Beach an economically attractive community for investment and redevelopment at lower maximum density levels compatible with our town's character and resources.

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